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McCormick Library: History Research Guide

Welcome to the McCormick Library at Groton School

Develop a Search Strategy

What Are Databases and Why You Need Them

Citing Your Sources

You can find our electronic resources including a link to the Groton Subscription of NoodleTools in the Resources section of My Groton. Using NoodleTools to keep track of your sources as you use them will save you time and create a bibliography as you go along. Make sure you choose Chicago/Turabian and advanced. To cite an e-book, choose book and once you have created a citation you can switch it to an ebook . You can also create digital notecards and an outline right in NoodleTools.

Another useful source is the Chicago Manual of Style

Click here for The Groton History Department's Guide to Proper Documentation

Avoid Plagiarism - What Do You Need to Cite?

eBrary eBooks